Gentiles Supporting Jews

Wild Olive Branches Paul of Tarsus gave this name to the Gentiles— the non-Jewish people who believe in the Three-in-One God. Romans 11:17— You non-Jewish people are like the branch of a wild olive tree that has been joined to … Continue reading

Hamas hoping to Kidnap Israelis

Israeli Soldiers

Please pray for the Israelis soldiers and citizens. It appears that Hamas is hell-bent on kidnapping Israelis. May they fail and may the Jewish people continue to be protected by the sovereign hand of God. Please pray for the Christians … Continue reading

Pray for the Christians of Iraq

Iraqi Christians

“The message played over loudspeakers gave the Christians of Iraq’s second-largest city until midday Saturday to make a choice: convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death. By the time the deadline imposed by the Islamic State extremist group … Continue reading

Show the Love of Christ

israeli soliders

“…There is a long-standing tradition in Israel whereby people will often go and buy cold drinks and snacks for the soldiers manning hot, dusty checkpoints. The gesture might be small, but the act of kindness has a major impact on … Continue reading